Drug Development Phone Applications

Medical and Parenting Cell Phone Applications

At Stemcells-drugdevelopment.com, we have been providing users with the best reviews on medical and other related applications.  We have been hard at working coming up with a list of the iPhone applications that we think could be useful to health professionals, business employees, and concerned parents.  We are not talking about a list of our favorite Android gaming applications here.  We are talking about a list of apps that actually make your lives better and easier.   The list will be broken up as follows: medical applications, business applications, and family applications.

The first on the list  is medical applications.  We originally had our own idea to build a great app to help nurses know what procedures to use in the field.  But, once we started investigating, we notices that some great apps already exist.  These apps include Nurse’s pocket guide, nursing drug handbook, nursing care plans, and nursing central.  Some other great apps for iPad are: dosecast and pill boxie.

Next, the business apps.  Any business owner know that there is a lot to keep organized.  When I was a new entrepreneur years ago, I would have killed to have an iphone with some of the simple apps to keep me organized.  Some great business applications include:  evernote, business calendar, and scanner pro by readdle.  This are just a few that are out there, but are the bare essentials for any new business owners or anyone looking to get a leg up in the fast-moving, technological business world.

Finally, the last app list that we will be taking a look at is in the category of families.  Many parents worry about their children, especially teenagers, getting into drugs, depression, or immoral deeds.  There are apps for these types of things for children young and old.  Mobile spy apps are some of the best apps for this.  You can install them on your child’s phone and monitor everything that they are doing.  (We recommend letting them know that you are doing this for fairness’ sake).  There are sites out there that are more knowledgeable out there that can give you better reviews of cell phone spy apps than use.  Check out www.vimatech.com for some clear reviews on which apps are right for you.

Hopefully this quick guide to some of the best health, family, and business apps have been useful to you.  Please leave your reviews and comments down below.  We would love to hear what family and business apps you find particularly useful.